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At Vallarta Medical Center, we also strive to ensure that the rights of all health professionals involved in the care of our patients are respected, based on the provisions of the General Health Law:

  1. Practice the profession freely, without pressure and on equal terms between professionals.

  2. Work in appropriate and safe facilities that guarantee personal and professional safety and integrity.

  3. To have the necessary resources for the optimum performance of its functions.

  4. Refrain from guaranteeing results and providing information that exceeds their professional and work competence.

  5. Receive dignified and respectful treatment from patients and their families, as well as from staff related to their work, regardless of hierarchical level.

  6. To have access to professional updating in equal opportunities for their personal development and to research and teaching activities in accordance with their profession and skills.

  7. Associate freely to promote their professional interests.

  8. Safeguard their prestige and professional interests.

  9. Have access to decision-making positions according to their competencies.

  10. Receive timely and complete remuneration for services rendered.