Emergency 24/7

Services & Specialities

Hospital Services

  • Emergency

    • Emergencies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    • Specialist doctors will attend any type of emergency.

    • Air and Land Ambulance 24 hours service.

    • Transportation Service for patients who do not require an ambulance or do not have a car.

    • Last Generation Stretcher.

    • Office medical Tower.

    • Inmediate attention.

    • Shock room (for care of patients classified as high "severity").

    • Procedure room (management of dislocations, minor injuries, contusions, sprains).

    • Adult observation room.

    • Child observation room.

    • Constant monitoring with modern equipment.

  • Hospital Care

  • Intensive Care Area for Adults, Children and Newborns

    • In this area we provide highly specialized care and a multidisciplinary medical team, whose leader is the internal medicine doctor that uses great technological resources with the only purpose of preserving life.

  • Laparoscopic and Traditional Method Surgery

    • The medical-surgical area has three rooms for surgery and a recovery area, where we attend scheduled or emergency surgical events of the different specialties and subspecialties. We have minimally invasive surgery equipment, fluoroscope, arthroscopy, microscopes, instruments and supplies.

  • Vaginal Delivery and Cesarean Surgery

  • Maternity and Neonatology

  • Hemodynamics and Catheterization Area

    • The hemodynamic room has the highest technology in the region, where invasive procedures are performed such as the placement of the pacemaker, cardiac catheterization, placement of coronary stents, coronary angioplasties. Remembering that the successful prognosis of a patient with myocardial infarction will depend on the start time of their treatment and theattention of an interventional cardiologist.

  • Laboratory tests & Imaging

  • Hemodialysis

    • Hospital area where highly professional and ethical care is provided, such as patients with kidney failure who require "renal replacement therapy" when they need support to be able to eliminate toxic substances from their body, which due to their own disease cannot remove. The hemodialysis procedure is carried out under the strict supervision of a nephrology specialist and nurses trained to operate hemodialysis machines. This procedure can be performed on a scheduled appointment or in emergency situations.

  • Medical Tower with 35 Specialities

  • Air & Land Ambulance

  • Agreements with National and International Insurers

  • Medical Turism

  • Restaurant


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